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Macquarie University appoints PUSH to evolve its brand strategy and identity

Macquarie University in Sydney has selected PUSH to evolve its brand strategy and identity across its portfolio.

The appointment comes at a very important time in the history of the university. Professor S Bruce Dowton joined as Vice Chancellor last year and has recently released a strategic framework outlining the vision for the university as it approaches its 50th anniversary.

‘Given the complexity of the Macquarie University brand, the number of controlled and affiliated entities, faculties, research centres, and commercial organisations that sit under the Macquarie umbrella, its is vital that we achieve a robust and clearly mapped brand structure,’ a statement from the university explains.

The appointment of PUSH is the result of a competitive pitch. ‘We selected PUSH because they were clearly the right agency for us. They have a very clear, logical and proven methodology for developing brand strategy and brand architecture, and they have deep experience in the higher education sector,’ says Kathy Vozella, Director of Marketing at Macquarie University.

Erminio Putignano, co-founder of PUSH, says: ‘How universities build their brands is evolving radically as they realise it’s no longer just an advertising exercise aimed at students but a whole-of-enterprise effort. And these education institutions are high profile, international brands, that represent Australia’s largest services export.’

‘Macquarie is a young university coming of age,’ says Mr Putignano. ‘Over the years it has established significant areas of excellence in teaching and research and introduced a series of Australia-firsts with the establishment of its new hospital and the Australian Hearing Hub. We look forward to helping its brand grow in clarity, breadth and ambition as it reaches the highly symbolic 50th anniversary.’

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PUSH joins international jury for inaugural Best Brand Awards

Ken Shadbolt, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of PUSH, has been invited to join an international panel of jurors to determine the winners of the inaugural Best Brand Awards.

These new awards have been founded with the aim of recognising high quality brand design, and to acknowledge excellence in visual communication internationally. Valuation criteria will include an assessment of visual originality, and consistency with brief objectives.

The BBA will award gold medals in two global categories and six geographical ones. The global categories are: the Best Brand of the World, and the Best Brand Designer in the World. In the geographical categories (Africa, Asia, Europe and Russia, Latin America, North America and Canada, Oceania) only the brand with the best score in each zone will be awarded.

Beyond becoming a reference within visual communication awards worldwide, BBA plans to become a showcase that will highlight past, present and new trends around the world.

Entries will be open until 10 November 2013.

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Ridley, Australia’s leading producer of animal nutrition solutions, appoints PUSH to evolve its brand strategy

Agriculture and farming have been at the heart of Australia’s economy from the very beginning of European settlement and are forecast to drive significant growth in years to come.

Experts talk today of an upcoming soft commodities boom linked to the growing demand for calories and protein in Asia. But seizing the opportunities at hand won’t be simple – it requires a significant improvement in the productivity of Australia’s agribusinesses and more sophistication in all facets of their operations.

Within this context, Ridley, the country’s largest manufacturer of stock feed and a key partner of Australian farmers, is pursuing an ambitious evolution of its brand and marketing strategies and has appointed PUSH.

‘We are delighted to be working with the team at PUSH. Having worked with a number of the team previously, we knew that we wanted them to guide us through the challenge at Ridley” says Alex McCall, Ridley’s group marketing manager.

“We are coming into a period of high competition and relatively stable raw ingredient pricing, which means it is more important than ever to agree on our long-term brand strategy as a company. We needed to engage a brand consultancy who could both stimulate the CEO and senior executives as well as ensure customer facing and office staff were included and consulted,” continues McCall. “A project like this touches every part of the business and requires a shift in every employee’s thinking. We will see a much stronger and more customer focussed company brought together by a single brand vision and strategy. We’re looking forward to it!”

Erminio Putignano, co-founder of PUSH, says: ” We are honoured to have been chosen by Ridley to be a partner in this important stage of the company’s journey. We look forward to helping its corporate brand live to its full potential and establish a new cohesion across its many sub-brands and product lines.”

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We’ve moved to our new office in Smith Street, Fitzroy

Bye bye Richmond, hello Fitzroy.

It’s taken a few months of (soul) searching but we are now delighted to announce that we have found new digs in Smith Street, Fitzroy. We are loving being smack bang in the middle of

Melbourne’s edgiest district of cafes and art galleries while just a few stops on the 86 tram line from the CBD.

Our office may still be a work in progress but it already feels like home.

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