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PUSH to help shine the spotlight on stroke

PUSH has been appointed by the National Stroke Foundation to undertake comprehensive market research and evolve the organisation’s brand positioning.

The National Stroke Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the public, government, health professionals, stroke survivors and carers to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community. It is the only national organisation focused solely on stroke.

Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability. It kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. However, this is not yet widely acknowledged within the community. The National Stroke Foundation is undertaking the brand positioning project as part of its mission to increase awareness of the risks and impacts of stroke, and to become one of Australia’s most recognised health charities.

“With so many not-for-profit organisations competing for awareness and funding, we need to make sure our brand has its own space. PUSH will help us to understand what our customers and stakeholders think about us and where we need to take our brand in the future. PUSH have shown us their passion not just for our brand but for our cause, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them on this important project,” says Matt McDonell, National Manager, Marketing and Brand of the National Stroke Foundation

PUSH is proud to help champion the National Stroke Foundation’s cause. “Listening to the stories of stroke survivors and their carers, you realise how complex and wide-ranging the impact of stroke is on people’s lives, and how vital the work by the National Stroke Foundation is. The organisation needs more recognition and funding in order to put stroke at the centre of our public consciousness and ensure prevention and support programs become ever more effective. Having a stronger brand is just another step in the right direction,” says PUSH’s Erminio Putignano.

The new appointment follows a growing involvement of PUSH in the healthcare and not-for-profit sectors. The PUSH team is already working with HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, and RDNS, a leading specialist in aged care across Australasia.

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Branding a start-up: Optal and its mission to streamline payment processes around the world

A new brand created by PUSH has just hit the market: Optal, which operates in the complex world of payment processes.

Born as PSP International, our client’s organisation was set up to redefine how business-to-business payments work across a variety of industries starting with travel and tourism. Armed with a unique know-how, the company had rapidly grown and established partnerships with the likes of MasterCard, while remaining a start-up at heart.

PUSH’s focus has been to distil the essence of the company’s ethos and competencies, and bring it to life in a way that resonates equally strongly with staff, partners, clients and future investors. As is always critical for start-ups, Optal’s brand creation is informed by an inside-out, as much as an outside-in, perspective.

The Optal brand has been shaped to stand out among different competitors – on one side the big, slow moving financial services providers, and on the other side, technology-led enterprises that are narrowly focused in their approach. Optal is positioned as an agile specialist who thinks and acts big. Its ingenious solutions strip payment processes of their customary inefficiency to boost profitability for all parties involved along the way.

PUSH’s brand strategy led to renaming the company and creating a new brand identity that rebels against the clichéd language used in the finance sector. Highly graphic in its approach, the Optal brand projects a sense of intellectual intrigue and invites audiences to think more smartly about the inner workings of financial transactions.

Now ready for its next stage of growth, from its offices in London and Melbourne, the future looks bright for the team at Optal. “The process of working with PUSH was insightful, it gave us a new sense of clarity on our capabilities. The brand story is distinctive, potent and true to us. The new brand has given us the confidence and authority we needed on a world stage,” says Rob Bishop, Managing Director of Optal.

Following the successful launch of Optal, the PUSH team has been appointed to evolve the eNett brand which was established as a joint venture between Optal and Travelport to provide integrated payment solutions tailored for the travel industry.

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