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We are a collective of brand strategists, market researchers and creatives, independently minded and independently owned. PUSH is led by its founders, Erminio Putignano and Ken Shadbolt, two of the most experienced brand consultants in Asia Pacific.

We create, evolve and nurture brands.

  • > brand assessment
  • > insights and innovation
  • > brand positioning
  • > brand portfolio strategy and architecture
  • > marketing and comms planning
  • > employer branding and staff engagement
  • > naming and tone of voice
  • > corporate and product identity
  • > digital branding
  • > sound identity and motion graphics
  • > advertising
  • > guidelines and implementation
Founding Partners

Erminio Putignano

Founding Partner &
Managing Director

Erminio’s career has spanned three continents and a series of disciplines – from brand consulting to advertising, from user experience to academia – giving him a unique degree of fluency in brand and marketing.

Over the years he has held senior strategy and management roles at Sapient, McCann and, prior to setting up PUSH, at FutureBrand, where he was managing director of the Australian operations.

A perfectionist at heart and a creative thinker, Erminio approaches brands as the nexus between cultural studies, customer insights and hard-edged business pragmatism.

Erminio has been a lecturer with Bocconi University and the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, and is currently an adjunct professor at RMIT University in Melbourne.

In his spare time Erminio teaches Italian to his two little daughters and dreams of becoming a professional tailor. Or a cartoonist. Or maybe a gardener.

Ken Shadbolt

Founding Partner &
Executive Creative Director

For more than two decades, Ken has led local and international creative teams to bring life to brands throughout the world.

Irrespective of medium or scale, Ken’s creative approach is founded in the belief that big picture thinking and intricate design details should go hand-in-hand.

Ken has held design advisory roles in private and government agencies, judged international creative awards, and spoken about issues of national identity at the Icograda World Design Congress.

Prior to establishing PUSH, Ken was the executive creative director of FutureBrand (Australia) – one of the world’s largest brand consultancies.

Away from the office, Ken is a hopelessly obsessive runner who is either pounding the pavements of Melbourne before dawn, or encouraging his three girls to join him.


Strategic thinking first,
tactics second

In today’s world of brands, the boundaries between strategic and tactical thinking are blurred.

For the most part, that’s a great thing. As new ideas become easier to conceive and implement, brands can experiment like never before and find new life in a shared sense of empowerment that touches everyone – companies and the people in the street.

But often, the emphasis on tactics seems to prevail over strategy, creating new dangers. First and foremost, in the adoption of a short-term perspective and an oversimplification of the issues organisations and communities face.

We have created PUSH because we believe in the right relationship between strategic and tactical thinking; between decisions with enduring legacies and initiatives that spark activation.

We do both, but we are clear on what comes first.

Brands should be a force of change in the life of people and organisations

In our experience, it’s when the relationship between strategic and tactical thinking is pitched right, that brands work at their best, becoming agents of change. These are the brands we like to create.

They provide businesses with platforms that have clarity, sustainability and drive growth.

They provide people with a sense of purpose. They inspire them with their usefulness and beauty, and prompt them to engage.

Ruthless single-mindedness and rigorous systems thinking drive everything we do

In each project we undertake, we are driven by two imperatives:  single-mindedness and systems thinking.

We put careful, sometimes painstaking, thought into how your brands operate in context. We relish immersing ourselves in the complexity of businesses and cultures to emerge with solutions that are simple and actionable.