PUSH's I'M CHANGE climate campaign shortlisted for four AGDA Awards 2020

24 November 2020

AGDA Awards 2020 Finalists have been announced with our I’M CHANGE climate campaign, a rallying cry for everyone to just show up, shortlisted in four categories – Environmental Responsibility under Design for Good, Campaigns, Writing for Design and Posters.

First held in Melbourne in 1992, the AGDA Awards “unearths the best of Australian creativity, thinking, and design in all its variations, and celebrates the diversity of practice in Australia, elevating the best work – not just the work with the biggest budgets”.

A self-funded initiative with just a few days from ideation to implementation, I’M CHANGE was seen on street posters, t-shirts, placards, banners, giveaway badges and social picked around the world, and became a symbol of personal empowerment. Amidst the sea of protesters, I’M CHANGE was a message that refused to be ignored. It generated energy, it started conversations and importantly, represented a tiny piece of hope; celebrating the power of individuals to be the change so urgently needed.

On Friday 20 September, 100,000+ people in Melbourne took to the streets to demand climate action, the largest turnout of any Australian city. The size helped shift the conversation away from the fringes. While there is a long way to go, there will come a tipping point when the visible weight of public opinion will be the catalyst we need. We are a people whose numbers are growing stronger, whose voice is getting louder, and who will continue to show up.

Because I’M CHANGE.

To see all AGDA Awards 2020 Finalists, click here.

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