The new MLC brand by PUSH goes live

14 April 2014

As PUSH turns one, we are delighted to see one of our first projects go live.

MLC, part of the National Australian Bank (NAB) and one of the oldest and largest wealth management brands in the country, has been re-positioned with a new visual and verbal identity created by PUSH.

The re-launch of the MLC brand is part of NAB’s plan to excel as a supplier of services ‘for superannuation and the ageing population’, and it signals a radical departure from what MLC used to be.

A new energy, wit and thought leadership has been injected into the brand to help it engage better with consumers, financial advisers and corporate clients across a broad portfolio of products and channels. It is a new MLC that reflects the values and aspirations of a generation of Australians with a more savvy, cosmopolitan and active outlook on life.

Featuring the new identity, MLC is moving centre stage in the national debate about how Australians should plan ahead to enjoy their retirement.

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