Seeing wealth differently gets clients looking at Netwealth

Netwealth is a great Australian success story showing the power of thinking big and putting clients at the centre of everything. Its rapid ascendancy has disrupted the stranglehold big banking groups had on the super and investment platform market, and has given birth to a fintech with a market cap of over AU$2 billion (as of 30 June 2019).

PUSH first partnered with Netwealth when it was still a private company preparing to go public. The company had adopted a vision of helping Australians see wealth differently. It wanted to evolve its brand identity to help shape a high-performing culture, deploy cutting edge product innovations and engage with multiple stakeholders.

“To be successful and to stand out in the financial sector Netwealth had to do something different. Appointing PUSH proved to be a key decision at a pivotal time for us and positioned us incredibly well for our IPO in 2017.

PUSH created a brand identity that says something truly powerful about who we are and gives us a vibrant platform to engage with different audiences – media, investors, financial planners and staff.

Our brand captures our sense of identity and inspires us to keep innovating, growing and to be courageous.”

Matt Heine
Joint Managing Director

With the creation of an unashamedly vibrant identity, PUSH has enabled the Netwealth brand to project an inimitable confidence and to become a distinct alternative to Australia’s larger financial institutions.

Launched in 2016, the brand identity has become a fully fledged platform to engage a broad spectrum of audiences across many formats.

PUSH’s collaboration with Netwealth has embraced a multi-disciplinary approach, including projects led by our partners, MASS and Meme Partners.

MASS designed the current Netwealth website together with the client’s in-house marketing team and engineers, while Meme Partners assisted the business with re-defining its values supporting the brand, and kicked off the company’s program of cultural alignment.

Netwealth continues to grow at a sustained rate on the back of its customer-centric superannuation and investment platform, as well as its value-driven culture.

As at 30 June 2019, its net promoter score put it ahead of any other super and investment platform in Australia. Its products’ functionality and customer service continue to win over more and more financial intermediaries - leading the way in a new wave of specialist platform providers that have taken the sector by storm.

Video credits: Creative Direction: PUSH Collective | Motion Design: GRAMM

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