Perth Airport takes off in a new direction

Airports are complex enterprises. All the more so as they undergo significant transformation and grow into major logistic, business and retail hubs for their communities. They also shoulder increasing responsibility for providing memorable first and last impressions of cities and countries in a highly competitive tourism market.

This is especially true in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. With the end of a once-in-a-lifetime mining boom, Perth’s prosperity is more dependent than ever on deeper international connections – starting with tourists, students and business people from Asia.

In 2018, Perth Airport was busy working on a vast program of investments to improve the airport’s infrastructure and the traveller experience. We joined this program of transformation to evolve the airport’s brand strategy and identity.

Our brand strategy placed the airport at the centre of a large network of stakeholders right from the outset.

We spoke to representatives from government, airlines, retailers, the media, travel agents and travellers from around Australia and the Asia-Pacific, as well as people from the local community. We needed to develop a unifying brand strategy that captured fundamental truths about the experience of flying and Western Australia’s sense of place. And the brand strategy had to become a platform of distinct experiences for the most diverse audiences.

The new brand strategy is centred around the brand idea ‘Nexus of Possibilities’. It expresses a new vision: Perth Airport wants to be Australia’s Western hub – connecting lives, businesses and communities to a world full of possibilities.

The idea of the ‘Nexus of Possibilities’ allows the airport to take on more responsibility as a driver of growth for Western Australia. It opens the door to a celebration of the can-do spirit, natural wonders and rich history of the state – starting with its extraordinary Indigenous culture.

Evolving the brand identity was a collaborative effort led by PUSH. We coordinated a range of local artists to express their personal perspectives on Western Australia’s flora, fauna, land, sea, sky and vibrant urban landscapes.

The dynamism of the brand identity emanates from a signature graphic element; a 3D compass that metaphorically points to the possibilities accessible via the airport hub. The airport’s logo has also been redesigned. It leverages Western Australia’s official emblem, a black swan, with renewed simplicity and energy, while giving a nostalgic nod to the airport’s early days, when travellers used to feed black swans right next to the terminal.

The new brand identity was rolled out at Christmas in 2018 and has since been embedded into more and more touch points and experiences: from refurbished terminals to a new app, and the Easter activation campaign with an Instagrammable staircase wrap. And there’s a lot more to come…

"Visitors to Perth will no longer get off the plane into just another airport terminal – they’ll be welcomed by a visual representation of what our great State has to offer. In branding Perth Airport we’ll help brand Perth as the natural entry point to Australia for international visitors."

Kevin Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Perth Airport

Video credits: Creative Direction: PUSH Collective | Videographer and Director: Allan Myles | Video Editor: Andreas Gruber | Motion Design: GRAMM

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