PUSH's rebranding of the University of Hull goes live

28 May 2024

We're delighted to see our work for the University of Hull going live. Over several trips to Hull, on the North Sea, we've grown very found of this place and its people - with their stories of proud nonconformism and strong community bonds. The evolved brand wants to convey with confidence and irreverence the spirit and aspirations of the university and its community.

The University has been positioned as the home of 'Freethinking Future Makers'. It lives and breathes a tradition of community spirit and unconventional thinking - twin forces that bring people together and drive true progress.

The project started in early 2023 and has involved PUSH teams and collaborators across Australia, the UK and Italy. It kicked off with an immersion in the local culture and a segmentation of the student populations across the UK and was completed with the development of a comprehensive suite of comms collateral that is being progressively rolling out. Throughout the project, PUSH established a new brand strategy and designed a new visual, verbal and sound identity.

The rebranding is part of a series of strategic initiatives aimed at future proofing the university as it prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2027. Key to its success - and a centrepiece of the the brand strategy - is the university's research and engagement in the fields of renewable energy, AI, health sciences and social justice.

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